Sturminster Choral Society

for enquiries call 01258 472274

If you enjoy singing and the company of other singers do join us.


We warmly welcome new members and are happy for people to try us out for a couple of weeks before signing up. We all love music, but some of us have not sung before, some are coming back to singing after a break (perhaps for the first time since school) and a few of our members are more experienced singers. Some of us can sight-read, some of us can’t. We do not hold auditions, much preferring to give anyone the chance to sing. At the start of each term, we hold an Open Rehearsal where you can come along to get a taster of our rehearsals, and to see if our society is for you. Music is provided at these open rehearsals, which you can either return at the end of the evening, or take home and learn should you decide you wish to stay with us.


Should you have missed an Open Rehearsal please still feel free to pop along on a Monday evening if you are interested in any way in joining our society -  all voices are welcome - though tenors and basses are much needed!

Current Fees: £35 for members (per term); £60 for a couple; £25 for the first term for new members.  All plus £3 for music hire.  If you are interested in joining, or just finding out more, please 'Contact Us'; we would love to hear from you.